With gun sales sky rocketing and ammunition purchases at an all time high, people all across the nation are doing everything possible to protect themselves, their families, and their valuables.
      Statistics show that:
              * Each year in the U.S., 1 in 5 homes experience a break-in or home invasion
              * Every 12 seconds, a home will be invaded through either the front or back door
              * 67% of forced entry burglaries are committed by kicking in the door
              * 60% of rapes and nearly 40% of assaults occur during a home invasion

The Universal Burglar Shield:
A simple and unique device that distributes the strength of steel to the existing wood door jamb.  The two or four small screws holding the average door strike plates are easily compromised with very little external force.  The Universal Burglar Shield uses the existing framing (usually 2x4's or 2x6's) to greatly strengthen one of your homes most vulnerable points of entry.  Your home is your castle...protect it like one!

"Time lapse" photos taken of an average home door being kicked in:
* Added protection for only $24.95 each plus S&H.
* No monthly monitoring fees to pay!
* Easily installed on most doors.
* Can be installed right over existing striker plate.
* Available in either white or brass color finish.
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Affordable Protection
Click Here to see a video of this same door protected with an Universal Burglar Shield installation!

Did you know...
On the standard door jamb, there is only 3/4" to 1" of soft jamb wood protecting your family from a forced entry invasion.  Most people have never really thought about it!  A deadbolt and doorlock are only as strong as the wood it is secured by.  By installing the Universal Burglar Shield over your existing striker plates, the locks you currently have can do what they are intended to do...KEEP UNWANTED GUESTS OUT!

Interior Added Protection:
The Universal Burglar Shield is not just for exterior doors.  How many "Safe Rooms" could you make  in your home by adding an Universal Burglar Shield  to your interior doors?  Think about it...someday you may need protection inside your very own home.  It always pays to be prepared for the unexpected. 
Instead of spending hundreds of dollars on repairing or replacing expensive door jambs, install an Universal Burglar Shield and fix your weak door jamb.   Strengthen broken, cracked, or worn jambs.  A perfect and inexpensive fix for interior doors on rental properties.

Ideal uses:
* Dorm Rooms* Apartments* Rental Homes* Mobile Homes* Storage Sheds
* Workshops   * Bedrooms  * Office doors   * And much more!
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